Herr Brenner

Herr Brenner likes his food hot and spicy!

Herr Brenner likes his food spicy, well made and stylish. Therefore, his chili products are only made from the best ingredients: organic peppers, honey, lime juice and chilies. It's that simple. And it's so spicy!

He has taste, this Herr Brenner. That is why he expects good taste in his chili variety. Habanero chilies do not taste the same as Skopje chilies, nor do Big Sun chilies taste the same as Lemon Drops. Herr Brenner has been around the world, but prefers to keep his ingredients close to home in Austria. The peppers used in his products are from Burgenland, the chilies are from Upper Austria and the honey is from Wachau. Only the limes are still grown in Spain.