Radis et Capucine Make Your Own Mozzarella - DIY Gift Set

Make your fav cheese step by step

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • For ca. 150 - 200g mozzarella
  • Perfect for any amateur cook


Wow your friends and family with your homemade mozzarella! This delicious cheese can be used to make pizza, salad and soups! Traditionally buffalo milk is used to make mozzeralla, but raw, organic cow's milk is also used to make the cheese. In this set you'll find step for step instructions for making the cheese.


  • Glass (1L)
  • Cheese cloth 30 x 22 mmm
  • 1 lactic acid bacteria sachet (5g)
  • 1 rennet sachet (2.5 ml)
  • 1 sachet dried basil
  • 1 sachet salt (10 g)
Origins: France
Meta Information: Gift Ideas