Zotter Chocolate  Nashido Advent Calendar

Mini chocolate bars with creamy fillings

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • Large wall calendar
  • Little bursts of happiness with each day
  • With 25 small bars
  • Organic & Fair Trade


A large wall calendar full of fine, thin mini chocolate bars with creamy fillings. The chocolates come in seductive varieties like red wine, grappa, Marc de Champagne, classic chocolate with peppermint or a fruity chocolate with currants and raspberries. The slim Nashido format has style and is a real treat because the chocolate melts seductively fast on your tongue. As a surprise, there is a 25th bar, a pure gingerbread chocolate, which you can enjoy at Christmas or share with friends.

Types of chocolates:

  1. Nashido raspberry
  2. Nashido red wine
  3. Nashido Marc de Champagne
  4. Nashido chocolate mint
  5. Nashido whiskey
  6. Nashido grappa
  7. Nashido caramel
  8. Nashido currant
  9. Nashido raspberry
  10. Nashido red wine
  11. Nashido Marc de Champagne
  12. Nashido peppermint
  13. Nashido whiskey
  14. Nashido grappa
  15. Nashido caramel
  16. Nashido currant
  17. Nashido raspberry
  18. Nashido red wine
  19. Nashido Marc de Champagne
  20. Nashido peppermint
  21. Nashido whiskey
  22. Nashido grappa
  23. Nashido caramel
  24. Nashido currant
  25. Nashi's gingerbread

The inlay of the calendar is made of organic plastic that is made from renewable raw materials and is compostable.

24 filled mini-chocolates à 8,5 g + 1 pure mini-chocolate à 7 g = total net weight 211 g

Advent Calendar Dimensions:
W: 29.5 cm x H: 48 cm x D: 1.6 cm

Seal of Approval: Fair
Meta Information: Snacks