The 10 bestsellers by Yogi Tea at a glance.

The 10 bestsellers by Yogi Tea at a glance.: 10 products


  • Heartwarming Tea

    Yogi Tea Heartwarming Tea 17 Bags

    • For warmth, comfort and joy
    • With cinnamon, ginger and cardamom
  • Happiness Tea

    Yogi Tea Happiness Tea 17 Bags

    • With cinnamon, orange peel and hops
    • Soothing aroma and flavour
    • Soothes the soul
  • Christmas Tea

    Yogi Tea Christmas Tea 17 Bags

    • For the Advent season
    • Reduces vata - increases pitta
  • Ginger Orange Tea with Vanilla

    Yogi Tea Ginger Orange Tea with Vanilla 17 Bags

    • Refreshing flavour
    • With orange and vanilla flavour
    • Seasoned with ginger
  • Yogi Tea Classic

    Yogi Tea Classic 17 Bags, 90 g

    • The best-known Ayurvedic herbal tea
    • Full-bodied, refreshing, stimulating
    • Brew using fruit juice or milk and honey
  • Yogi Tea Sweet Chai

    Yogi Tea Sweet Chai 17 Bags

    • Contains anise, fennel, liquorice and cardamom
    • For love and care
    • Organic
  • Digestive Tea

    Yogi Tea Digestive Tea 17 Bags

    • Pleasant sweetness of fennel
    • Tartness of mint and coriander
    • Savory beverage for quiet moments
  • Yogi Tea Choco

    Yogi Tea Choco 17 Bags, 90 g

    • Loved by all
    • From organic farming
    • Available as loose tea or teabags
  • Men's Tea

    Yogi Tea Men's Tea 17 Bags

    • Ayurvedic herb and spiced tea blends with spice extract
    • Naturally spicy chilli
    • For moments of tea enjoyment
  • Sweet Chili Tea

    Yogi Tea Sweet Chili Tea 17 Bags

    • Refresh and satisfy
    • Stimulates the senses
    • Anytime, day or night

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