Spiceworld  Garden Herbs Blend

Perfect for herb lovers

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • Salt-free
  • Use for vegetable soup
  • Fantastic taste

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This great salad mixture of coarsely chopped herbs should not be missing in your kitchen. Add a special touch to your salad!

Perfect for herb lovers! Simply choose your dressing of oil and vinegar, yogurt or mayonnaise. Stir well, and you've got a great herbal taste with parsley, lovage, dill, chives and more.

Add to vegetable soups for extra flavor!

Uses: For Dips, Pestos and Marinades, For Vegetables and Salads, For Soups
Free from: Flavour Enhancers, Artificial Flavours, Artificial Colours, Preservatives


Parsley leaves, onions, leeks, carrots, parsley root, celery root, celery leaves, dill, garlic, lovage, red pepper flakes, chives