How to use My Account

Account Overview

My Account

"My Account" allows you to: 

  • edit your details 
  • manage your address book 
  • modify your password 
  • redeem vouchers 
  • have an overview of all orders and products 
  • view your wish lists and product availability lists

The overview gives you a quick glance of your:

  • billing address
  • delivery address
  • orders
  • additional information 
  • products 

Lost Password

Click here to enter your e-mail address and we will send you an e-mail with steps on how to create a new password. 

If you encounter further difficulties, please contact us!

My Orders

"My Orders" allows you to view all your previous orders. Here you can follow the progress of your orders and view their details.

Modifying Billing / Delivery Addresses

Modifying Delivery Addresses

When creating a customer account, you have the option of adding several delivery addresses, i.e. collection points such as a Packstation, UPS Access Point, etc. and selecting one address from this list as your shipping address.

Please note that the address you select cannot be modified via your account once an order has been packed. If a delivery address needs to be modified once an order is completed, we kindly ask that you contact our Customer Service Team.

The shipping companies we use each offer their own collection points.

It is important to note that the collection point address and your name must be entered separately on our forms. If not, the package cannot be delivered. Adding a note to your order informing us that you would like to collect your package at one of the collection points will not suffice. If a collection point address is not selected as your shipping address, the package will automatically be shipped to your residential address.

Modifying Passwords or Email Addresses

You have the option of modifying your email address and password under My Account. To modify your email address, simply edit your personal information in your account overview. Your password can be modified by clicking on "My Account" followed by clicking on the "Change Password" link in the menu bar. 

Please send an email to if you require any further assistance. 

Customer Account Features

Wish Lists

You can create wish lists in your customer account. Use these wish lists as a memo for future orders, or make them public by sharing the desired wish list via email. To do so, go to "My Wish List" and click on the "Edit" button. Check the "Share wish list" option and click "Save". Once these steps are completed, you can publicly share the link.

A wish list can be modified or deleted at any time. Several wish lists can be created at any one time.

Product Availability Alerts

If you're interested in purchasing a product that is currently unavailable, we can notify you once it's back in stock. To receive a product availability alert, click on the "Notify me when available" button on the product page. This item will then be added to your "Product Availability Alerts" list, and you'll automatically receive an email once the product is back in stock.

Reorder Products

The "Reorder" feature allows you to quickly and easily reorder products from previous orders. Click the "My Orders" button in your account, then choose the timeframe you wish to view orders from using the drop-down menu on the left-hand side. Under each of the products listed in a previous order, you'll see a "Reorder" button that adds the product to your cart.

You can also add products you haven't ordered before to your basket by shopping as usual on our pages.

Product Reviews

We appreciate receiving product reviews as they are valuable to both us and our customers. You need to be a registered customer to review products. A product can be reviewed and rated under "My Account" or on its product page.

We use a star system to evaluate our products, whereby 5 stars corresponds to the best possible rating. Furthermore, you have the option of adding a comment to each product. These comments give us all valuable insight into the product(s).

In principle, you can rate all of our products if you have a customer account. However, your rating will only be displayed as a "verified purchase" if you purchased the product at our webshop using your customer account.

Guidelines for Writing Reviews

When composing a product review, please follow these guidelines:

  • Focus exclusively on the product that you want to rate and your experience using it.
  • The evaluation should not extend to our customer service, ordering or shipping processes. If you have any questions regarding the purchase of goods or would like to leave a comment or suggestion about our shop, please contact our Customer Service Team.
  • Mention specific details about the advantages and disadvantages of the product.
  • Keep in mind that the purpose of writing reviews is to be a source of information for other customers who are considering purchasing this product.

We reserve the right to delete or block a product review if it contains:

  • Information that does not relate to the product.
  • Obscenities, slanderous language or other language that is unsuitable for a public forum.
  • Prices, advertising, spam or references to other products, offers, websites or competitors.
  • E-mail addresses, phone numbers, links to other websites and contact information.
  • Critical or spiteful comments about other reviews on the website.
  • Pictures that show improper use of the goods.

We ask you to please refrain from commenting on our product selection, pricing, order processing or delivery, as well as any other questions about our Customer Service on our product review platform. Our Customer Service representatives do not see these requests and therefore cannot respond in a timely manner. Please forward any requests, feedback and suggestions directly to our Customer Service Team.

Thank you for taking the time to share your opinion with others.