Die Greißlerei Welsh Onion Pesto

Cold bottled rather than pasteurisation

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • Leek & onion flavours
  • Hand-processed
  • Organic

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Die Greißlerei's pestos are Styrian classics and are completely unique! They are not pasteurized and are only cold-bottled. In addition, all the ingredients in the pesto are hand-chopped.

This irresistible pesto is made from the stalk and bulb of the Welsh onion. The pesto tastes like leeks and onions.

  • With herbs from our own organic garden
  • Long lasting
  • Refrigerate after opening (in the refrigerator)
Certifications: EU Organic Symbol, Gutes vom Bauernhof, Bio AUSTRIA
Origin: Austria
Type of Product:: Pesto

Die Greißlerei