Norður Nordur Salz

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The salt by Norður has been manufactured since 1753 using traditional methods. The Danish-Icelandic cooperation first started at exactly the same place where the salt is produced today.

From the Arctic Ocean to the salt flakes by Norður
The salt is produced combining two natural resources: Geothermal Energy and the Arctic Ocean. On the island of Karlsey, thermal water is pumped in using heat pumps from the nearby town of Reykhólar where it is mixed with water that has also been used for drying seaweed.

The hot thermal water is passed through a titanium heat exchanger in the boiler. At the same time, fresh seawater is pumped into the boiler, where it evaporates and therefore increases the salinity. In addition, high air pressure is generated to cook the 70 ° C seawater. The stainless steel boiler was designed specifically to withstand this extremely high air pressure - which roughly corresponds to the conditions on Mount Everest. It therefore bears the nickname the "Grey Submarine".

A combination of craftsmanship, technology and tradition
The salt flakes are packed in order to protect them from moisture. Once properly packed, the salt flakes are ready for consumption.

Uses: As a Finishing and Table Salt
Flavour: Mild, Salty
Salt: Coarse
Origins: Iceland
Free from: Flavour Enhancers, Artificial Flavours, Artificial Colours, Preservatives
Meta Information: Salt


Salt flakes from Iceland

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