Swiss Chocolates with Lots of Character

These bars have a cult following and simply melt in your mouth! The bars were born to the Swiss company Camille Bloch in 1942. Their creations feature creamy nougat and crunchy hazelnuts and took the world by storm, quickly becoming a favourite brand for anyone with a sweet tooth. The Classique milk chocolate bars are still made using the original recipe. In the meantime, Noir and Blond dark and white chocolates complete the range. Taste them all and discover which bar will be your new favourite!

Ragusa: 4 products


  • Ragusa Gift Package
    • Choose from three flavours
    • Finest praline filling
    • Whole hazelnuts
  • Ragusa Hazelnut Chocolate Bar
    • Made with whole hazelnuts
    • Finest praline filling
    • Choose from dark, classic or white chocolate
  • Ragusa For Friends
    • Whole hazelnuts
    • Delicate praline filling
    • Choose from white, milk or dark chocolate
  • Ragusa For Friends Mix
    • Made with the finest praline filling
    • Made with crunchy whole hazelnuts
    • Set of three flavours

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