Or Tea?  The Favor8

Our most popular teas

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • 1x Mount Feather
  • 1x Lychee White Peony
  • 1x EnergyGinger
  • 1x Tiffany's Breakfast
  • 1x Queen Berry
  • 1x Beeeee Calm
  • 1x Duke's Blues
  • 1x Merry Peppermint

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This package has a lot in store for you! Filled with 8 of our most popular teas, it is sure to charm your taste buds. Try the different varieties and choose your very own favourite!

Tea: Teabags


Mount Feather: Green Tea *
Lychee White Peony: White Tea *, Lychee Aroma, Rose petals *
EnerGinger: Lemongrass *, ginger *, rosemary *, lemon verbena *
Tiffany's Breakfast: Black Tea *
Queen berry: hibiscus *, elderberry *, currant *, rosehip *, blackcurrant *, blueberry *, strawberry *, natural aromas
Beeeee Calm: Chamomile *, natural flavors
Duke's Blues: Black Tea *, bergamot flavor, cornflower blossoms *
Merry Peppermint: licorice root *, peppermint *, fennel *, basil *, peppermint flavor

* from certified organic agriculture