Zotter Chocolate Colourful Rabbit Nest

Perfect Easter gift

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • Set consisting of 8 eggs of 16g each
  • Ingredients from controlled organic agriculture
  • With non-alcoholic fillings


Suitable for Easter, the little Easter nest from Zotter, with the finest non-alcoholic fillings.

The set consists of:

4 milk chocolate eggs and 4 white chocolate eggs

  • Strawberry egg (in red foil): filled with strawberry cream, dipped in strawberry couverture
  • Honey milk egg (in golden foil): filled with honey cream, dipped in dark mountain milk chocolate
  • Milk chocolate egg (in green foil): filled with milk cream, dipped in caramel couverture
  • White chocolate egg (in pink foil): filled with white chocolate cream, dipped in white chocolate
Seal of Approval: EU Organic Symbol, Fair
Meta Information: Snacks