Zotter Chocolate Labooko 50% Lactose-Free Cow's Milk

Genuine cocoa with a great melting point

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • 50% top cocoa
  • 2 x 35g tablets


A lactose-free milk chocolate of the highest standard made with real cocoa! The racy, high-percentage chocolate milk is lactose free! Made with 50% cocoa, cane sugar, cocoa butter and real vanilla for a sophisticated, classic milk chocolate.

Certifications: EU Organic Symbol, Fair
Origin: Austria
Type of Product:: Snacks


Ingredients: raw cane sugar °, cocoa mass °, cocoa butter °, WHOLE MILK POWDER lactose free °, salt, vanilla bean powder °
Cocoa: 50% minimum

Fairtrade: raw cane sugar °, cocoa mass °, cocoa butter °
Total Percentage: 81%. www.info.fairtrade.net
° from certified organic agriculture

May contain traces of nuts, peanuts, sesame and soy.

Nutritional Value

per 100 g


566 kcal


2355 kJ


41 g

hereof: saturated fatty acids

25 g


39 g

of which sugars

37 g

Lactose (milk sugar)

<0.1 g


8.5 g


0.26 g