Classic Ayurveda Organic Ajwain - Whole

Eliminates ama

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Eliminates Ama

  • Ajwain is referred to as apium graveolens, ajamoda, wild celery seeds or Bishop's weed. The coumarins and flavonoids contained in the seeds are widely used in Ayurveda.

According to Ayurvedic teachings:

  • Eliminates ama
  • Soothes Vata and revitalizes Prana, the vital energy (not scientifically proven).

Ajwain - a unique addition to the spice rack

  • A hint of thyme flavour goes well with ginger and makes potatoes, biscuits, bread and legumes easier to digest.
Use: For Breads, For Vegetable Dishes, For Potatoes
Certifications: Organic Seal of Approval
Consistency : Dried
Free From: Flavour Enhancers, Artificial Flavours, Artificial Colours, Preservatives
Type of Product: Single Spices
Additional Information

Ingredients: Ajowan *
* from controlled organic cultivation

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