Finest Food Age Endavour Banasura Highland Pepper

From a traditional pepper region

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This special pepper is grown on the Malabar Coast in India. Also known as the Pepper Coast, this region is considered to be the place where pepper originated. Over centuries of growth under perfected cultivation conditions, this pepper is carefully harvested and dried.

Since Banasura pepper is only harvested when its berries reach full maturity, it is especially large and flavourful. After the drying process, the most beautiful berries are picked by hand by farmers, so that only about two tons of this absolute rarity are sold each year.

The scent of this pepper is reminiscent of herbs, black tea and leather. It delights on the palate with bitter and fruity notes and a pleasantly warm spiciness.

Pair with:

  • Steaks, ragout, pasta
Origin: India
Type of Product: Pepper

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