A Gourmet Picnic with the Perseids!

A Gourmet Picnic with the Perseids!

Everyone has been on a picnic, whether as a student in the park, with friends on the beach or with family on a holiday. But many of us associate picnics with time-consuming preparation and planning and therefore avoid it. It doesn't have to be a fancy cold roast pork, sophisticated finger food or the obligatory pasta salad. It can be so much easier! We have a few ideas for you.

History, occasions and a fine picnic kit
Picnics - these sociable events under open skies have a long hsístory. Even in ancient times, people enjoyed friendly feasts in the open or in oases in deserts located along well-travelled trade routes. However, the term “picnic” did not exist until the 17th century. It is said to have orignated with the French nobility from the word "piquer", meaning "to pick at something". Luckily, royal decadence is no longer needed to enjoy this simple pleasure. What's much more important is to pick an occasion! Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, a marriage proposal - or how about a meteor shower? July and August are the best months for this! Since you have to plan your picnic with the weather in mind, it is smarter to buy the ingredients ahead of time and quickly put together your picnic kit for a spontaneous trip to the park.

Really? Yes, because even spontaneity needs a little planning.

Shopping list for a rustic meteor shower picnic for two

  • 1 bottle of sparkling wine, prosecco or frizzante
  • 1 jar of bruschetta or tapenade
  • 1 salami or 1 pair of smoked sausages
  • 1 jar of cheese or cheese balls preserved in oil
  • 1 bar of chocolate or biscuits
  • Optional: crispbread, crackers, bread chips

Fresh bread, such as a large baguette, can be bought as you set off. Or you can instead choose to take foods such as crispbread, crackers and bread chips that have a long shelf life and can be bought ahead of time. Other things you will need to pack are cutlery, a sharp knife, 2 glasses or mugs, 2 cutting boards, a tea towel, wet wipes to clean your hands and a bag to collect any waste. Skip the paper napkins unless you want to run after them in case the wind blows them away.

When are the Perseids expected?
In 2022, the Perseid meteor shower will light up the night sky between July 17 and August 24. Astronomers are expecting an initial peak between August 9th and 13th and the maximum density of shooting stars will be seen on the night between August 12th and 13th - so there are plenty of dates for an unforgettable picnic under starry skies.

For the minimalists amongst us - just a bottle of your favourite drink along with some savoury snacks will do. The most important thing is to enjoy it in the right company!