Easter Products by Frierss

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  • Frierss Gespeilte Easter Sausages
    • Flavourful
    • Handmade according to an old family recipe
    • Made using Austrian beef & pork
  • Frierss Cured Ham by Duroc Schwein
    • First-class taste
    • Made from pork from the purebred Duroc free-range pig
    • Hand-finished and smoked over beech wood
  • Frierss Easter Ham

    Frierss Easter Ham

    1,50 Kilogramm
    • Top quality Austrian meat
    • Delicately seasoned and tasty
    • Traditionally smoked over beech wood
  • Frierss Smoked Meat for Easter
    • A traditional specialty
    • Rustic and flavourful
    • Handmade

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