FRUNIX - Sweet without Fructose

FRUNIX - Sweet without Fructose

Vegan sweet lozenges, vanilla sugar and more for special nutritional needs

For those with a sweet tooth and certain food intolerances, this is a dream come true - cough drops and lozenges without fructose and sorbitol! The team at FRUNIX® has dedicated itself to the sweet side of life, but focuses on digestibility: The company based in Bad St. Leonhard, Austria makes fructose-free and low-fructose confectionery without lactose, gluten and sugar alcohols such as sorbitol. People with special nutritional needs such as intolerance to fructose, lactose and sorbitol or those who have celiac disease - will be delighted to hear about this innovative range of sweets that are also vegan.

Discover their range of products from aromatic cough drops and lozenges to alternatives to honey, household sugar and more. Sweeten your life and enjoy sweet treats again without subsequent regrets!

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  • Frunix Honix Spread
    • From rice syrup
    • Low fructose honey substitute
    • Free from gluten, sorbitol & lactose
  • Frunix Corn Sugar
    • Free from fructose, gluten & lactose
    • Can be substituted 1:1 for regular sugar
    • Unflavoured stevia extract
  • Frunix Hustnix Herbal Syrup
    • Contains alcohol
    • With thyme & ribwort
    • Suitable for ages 3 years & up
  • Frunix Calm Tummy Lozenges
    • Chamomile, anise & fennel
    • Mild, without acid or added colours
    • Free from fructose, gluten and sorbitol
    • Intense and sweet
    • With real bourbon vanilla
    • Fructose-reduced diet
    • No added acid
    • With eucalyptus, sage & thyme
    • Suitable for those with fructose and sorbitol intolerance
    • Not too sweet
    • Berry taste
    • Free from fructose, gluten & sorbitol
    • Lemony fresh and fruity
    • Free from fructose, sorbitol & gluten
    • Vegan & very easy to digest
    • Raspberry meets lime
    • Refreshingly fruity & mildly sweet
    • Without fructose, sorbitol & gluten
    • 2 fruity berry varieties
    • Without fructose, gluten and sorbitol
    • Suitable for vegans
    • Fruity and spicy taste
    • Without fructose, sorbitol & gluten
    • Vegan & easy to digest
    • Contains no added colours
    • Strong minty taste
    • Without fructose, sorbitol & gluten

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