Chili - Makes You Feel Hot, Happy, and Healthy!

The severity level of these small peppers is measured on the "Scoville" scale. The highest level on the scale represents pure capsaicin (capsicum peppers), which has a value of 16,000,000. The hottest chile variety that exists in nature is the Mexican Habanero or the Caribbean Scotch Bonnet (about 100,000 Scoville). A normal chili dish may have a maximum score of 30,000 Scoville. Chili is also quite healthy thanks to its high content of vitamin C.
The spice that comes from chili, incidentally, is called Cayenne (peppers).

Chili is healthy in all shapes and spice blends ! It stimulates the appetite, blood circulation and blood flow, is effective against indigestion and flatulence, and helps relieve tension and muscle pain and is also antibacterial. Incidentally, this is one of the reasons why chillies are so popular in cuisine around the equator. The yellow, orange or red peppers also contain vitamins A, B1, B2, B3 and E, iron, and calcium, and - in comparison to lemons - have twice the amount of vitamin C. In addition, capsaicin protects the gastric mucosa from the effects of alcohol or aspirin, which helps to detoxify the liver and reduce blood fat levels. Chili is also considered a fat burner!

Spicy foods are the healthiest drug in the world - they make you happy! They say it's because the body cannot distinguish between spiciness and pain, and pain releases endorphins in the brain which register as pure happiness. This is called the "Pepper High Effect".

What do you do for someone for whom spicy food brings nothing but tears and sweat? Work up your tolerance! Your taste buds react less and less over time to spiciness. If you bite into something that is too spicy, drink some milk, or take a bite of rice. Drinking water will not help!