Pölzer Spezialitäten Organic Pomegranate Pure Balance - Drinkable Vinegar

The apple cider vinegar and honey with pomegranate drink!

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  • Enjoyment in every sip! Awakens tired spirits and brings the mind into balance.

Grabad Pure Balance
The positive effects of the honey in this drink match the valuable ingredients of the pomegranate. The red fruit kernels symbolize fertility and love, strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation and help drive off allergies. A high concentration of polyphenols strengthen your ability to concentrate, increase your ability to pay attention and help in recalling memories. Drink as a non-alcoholic Aperitif or digestif or thin with water for a refreshing drink.

Certifications: EU / non-EU Organic Symbol, AMA Bio Gütesiegel, Bio AUSTRIA, SGS Organic
Origin: Austria
Type of Product:: Herbal & Fruit Vinegars, Drinking Vinegar


100 ml contain on average:

Calories 179,650kj / 43 kcal
Protein 0.032 g
Carbohydrates 8,952 g
Fat 0.039 g

Spring water, apple cider vinegar *, concentrated apple juice *, honey *, concentrated pomegranate juice *.
* From certified organic agriculture

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