Sissi's Weinbar Muscaris Tasting Set

Dry wines

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • A new taste experience
  • Multilayered & juicy
  • With 3 excellent wines

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"Muscaris" is a fungus-resistant strain (PIWI) of grapes. Produced by three different winemakers in Styria, the wine has multiple layers and makes for a tasty experience.

Muscaris 2015 by Simon Engel:
Simon Engel - a self-taught winemaker, Simon has a talent for managing his vineyards and wines. In his wine cellar, the Muscaris has enough time to develop its unique flavour.

  • Alcohocontent: : 13% vol

Muscaris Naturweingut Hutter :
Franz Hutter's vineyard lies in Feldbach (southeast Styria). An excellent winemaker who produces strong and rich wines, the Muscaris from the natural winery is perfect as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to salads.

  • Alcohol content : 12.0% vol

Muscaris MC 2017 Weingut Scharl
Josef Scharl values sustainability in his vineyard. The trademark of his wines are their fruity flavours. This Muscaris has notes of herbs and lemon balm.

  • Alcohol content : 13% vol
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