Zotter Chocolate "Egg Board" Chocolate

A sweet caramel board with decorated chocolate eggs.

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • 3 different eggs
  • Stylishly packagd
  • Wonderfully fruity taste


A sweet caramel chocolate bar, decorated with chocolate eggs. One milk chocolate egg is filled with fantastic cashew nougat and sprinkled with cashew brittle. One raspberry chocolate egg is filled with almond brittle in almond nougat, sprinkled with coconut flakes and one dark chocolate egg is filled with delicious hazelnut nougat and sprinkled with caramelised hazelnut bits.

Underneath that, you'll find a strawberry chocolate bar that tastes amazingly and intensely like fresh strawberries, due to the large amount of fruit contained in the bar. Pure fruit joy, plus a bright red colour and ta strawberry fragrance – all completely natural.

Packaged in a decorative gift box.

Certifications: EU / non-EU Organic Symbol, Fair


Ingredients: raw cane sugar °, cocoa butter °, whole milk powder °, strawberries dried ° (4%), skimmed milk powder °, pistachios ° (2%), almonds ° (2%), hazelnuts ° (2%), cashews ° (2%), cocoa mass °, whole cane sugar °, raspberries dried ° (0.3%), emulsifier: soya lecithin °, coconut ° (0.3%), sweet whey powder °, lemon powder ° (lemons ° & cornstarch °), Vanilla pods °, salt, fructose Glucose syrup ° ° cinnamon, rose petals °

Included Allergens: milk, lactose, nuts, soybeans
May contain traces of nuts, peanuts and sesame.

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