Classic Ayurveda Organic Pippali, ground

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Classic Ayurveda uses low temperatures (under 42°C) for drying the organic pippal fruit. Unlike the conventional air drying method, this is the gentler type of drying process because the natural plant substances are better preserved. The fruits are then ground to powder.

The powder adheres to the standards for raw goods and contains no fillers or auxiliary substances. It contains the full value of the plant.


Pippali (long pepper) is a medicinal and aromatic plant from the family of piperaceae. The fruits of aromatic climber are used. Its properties are similar to that of black pepper, but is gentler on the stomach.

Long pepper stimulates the appetite and strengthens the Agni.

Pippali soothes vata and kapha. Since the digestive product of Pippali is sweet, it increases pitta only slightly.

Recommended Dosage:
Sprinkle 0,5 - 1 g twice daily (0.5 teaspoons = 1 g) on ghee, honey or enjoy with jaggery or sprinkled over a meal.

Use: For Fish and Seafood, For Meat , For Poultry, For Vegetable Dishes
Certifications: Organic Seal of Approval
Flavour: Spicy
Consistency : Ground
Free From: Flavour Enhancers, Artificial Flavours, Artificial Colours, Preservatives
Type of Product: Single Spices, Pepper
Additional Information

Ingredients: Long pepper *
* from controlled organic cultivation

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