Finest Food Age Organic Tellicherry Pepper

A very high quality pepper

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This exquisite organic Tellicherry pepper comes from the Periyar Nature Reserve in India. The Malabar Coast, where it is grown, is considered the original home of pepper and is also known as "The Pepper Coast".

Pepper from this region offers outstanding quality that has defined its growing process for centuries. After gently drying the peppercorns, farmers manually select the most beautiful and largest peppercorns with a diameter of at least 4.75 mm. This means that the pepper receives the highest of three possible quality ratings TGSEB - Tellicherry Garbled Special Extra Bold.

Since Tellicherry pepper is harvested when it is ripe, it has a particularly intense aroma and a pungent spiciness. It has a classic pepper flavour and is a must for pepper lovers.

Resin and nutty notes, as well as a warm, intense spiciness, define the taste of this unique pepper. The versatile pepper can be used for many dishes. Freshly ground, this pepper reveals its full flavour for a special treat. Add the pepper to stews during the last 15 minutes of cooking and enjoy.

Origin: India
Type of Product: Pepper

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