Muraglia Peranzana Olive Oil in a Clay Jug with a Christmas Design

Olio extra vergine Orcio Natale

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • From Apulia
  • Fine, fruity oil

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The Peranzana Oil by Muraglia from Puglia is fruity and flavourful and comes in a decorative white ceramic jug decorated with a red Christmas design.

The hand-made and hand-painted olive oil bottles are based on the centuries-old terracotta tradition of the region. Every year, the Muraglia family, who have grown olives for more than 80 years, fills their extra virgin olive oil into the luminous, decorative bottles. The olive oil made from the Peranzana olive has an elegant, fine fruitiness to its taste.

The olives are pressed shortly after harvesting between granite stones in a closed extraction process. The golden oil with the green reflections has notes of tomatoes, rocket and artichokes. It tastes fresh and unique and is great for salads, seafood, grilled fish and meat.

Origins: Italy
Meta Information: Olive Oils