Spiceworld  Bull's Scampi & Prawns

Caribbean-inspired touch

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • Fruity note
  • Perfect for all shellfish
  • Use for cocktail & dip sauces

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Untreated sea salt combined with paprika, chilli, onion, garlic, oregano, parsley and thyme in a simple and exceptionally tasty harmony.

Sea salt and chili provide the base and are complimented by the fruity notes of paprika. Onion, oregano and thyme round the composition out. Garlic and parsley bring out the flavor of the shellfish.

Unleash the full, natural flavor shrimp, prawns or crawfish with this spice mix. The subtle Caribbean touch with garlic, onion, pepper and chilli fits perfectly with any shellfish dish. Also delicious with cocktail and dipping sauces.

Uses: For Dips, Pestos and Marinades, For Fish and Seafood, For Grilling, For Sauces
Flavour: Fruity and Sweet, Tangy
Free from: Flavour Enhancers, Artificial Flavours, Artificial Colours, Preservatives


Seasoning, Ingredients: Untreated sea salt, pepper, chilli, onion, garlic, oregano, parsley, thyme. Free from artificial colors, artificial flavors or additives.