Cosmoveda Organic Ayurvedic Sugar

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  • Suitable for many herbs and teas

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COSMOVEDA Ayurveda sugar is produced from rock sugar by grinding the sugar crystals into a fine powder. It serves as a means of transport (Vahana) when consuming Ayurvedic preparations. Even in the ancient Vedic scriptures the importance of rock sugar is highly praised, as many herbs and Ayurvedic herbal teas develop their full flavour. According to Ayurveda it is enjoyed in small quantities and especially valuable for human physiology.

Uses: For Sweetening
Seal of Approval: Certified Organic - Controlled Organic Farming
Product Features: Vegan , Vegetarian
Flavour: Sweet
Consistency : Ground
Free from: Flavour Enhancers , Artificial Flavours , Artificial Colours , Preservatives
Meta Information: Sugar


Content: rock sugar ground * (* certified organic)