Coconut Oil: the Healthy Trend in Cooking!

Coconut oil has been all the rage in Europe lately. Not only does it remind us of tropical holidays, it is also great for the brain! It consists of about 90% saturated fatty acids (which is why it is solid at room temperature). Contrary to the way this sounds, coconut oil is very healthy!

Aren't saturated fatty acids bad for health? No, only the long-chain fatty acids which cost a lot of time and energy to digest are unhealthy. They become unhealthy when heated as they turn into trans fats. Coconut oil is high in medium-chain fatty acids which are used by the liver for energy. The body even converts these medium-chain fatty acids directly into so-called ketones and sends them into the bloodstream where they remain for hours. This increases mental performance. No other fat or oil delivers so many medium-chain fatty acids as coconut oil!

Our brain cells need the right fats to function well and to stay healthy for as long as possible. The body also needs polyunsaturated fatty acids that can be supplemented with rapeseed oil, hemp oil, walnut oil etc.

The best quality organic, cold-pressed coconut oil can simply be spread on bread and crackers or eaten with a spoon. In mayonnaise and dressings, replace half of the regular oil with (heated, liquid) coconut oil. In liquid form it is also suitable for use in desserts, soups, shakes, smoothies or cereal - it adds a light coconut flavour.

In addition, the white to yellowish coconut oil works perfectly for roasting, baking and stewing. It does not burn or smoke until just below 200 °C. Frying food in coconut oil adds a very mild, very fine coconut flavour that is perfect with savoury pancakes, vegetable stir-fries or pasta. Also available are pre-mixed coconut oil spice blends that are both delicious and healthy. Enjoy!