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Sustainably-made cheese from the Waldviertel region

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Discover our wide range of delicious delicacies from DIE KÄSEMACHER.

DIE KÄSEMACHER, a family-owned company located in the Lower Austrian Waldviertel since 1991, makes specialities from sheep, goat and cow milk using traditional methods. In addition to yoghurt and semi-hard cheese, the range also includes fine antipasti, with and without a cheese filling. Particularly popular: the crunchy Peppersweet cherry peppers grown on their own farm and sweet fruits, each filled with creamy cream cheese and carefully preserved.

Most of the production at Die Käsemacher is still done by hand according to traditional methods. Five million litres of milk from the surrounding region are processed every year. They work in close cooperation with 50 regional sheep and goat farmers and also with various vegetable farmers from Austria and Greece. After all, they all stand for the same values: careful, respectful and appreciative treatment of animals, nature and the environment.

Delicious and sustainable cheese specialities are created every day from the best raw materials and processed carefully. You can taste the love in each product with every bite.