Delicious South Tyrolean Cheeses

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EGGEMOA combines traditional values and knowledge with regional ingredients, creative ideas and a sense of harmony that give their cheeses a truly delicious flavour. Run by the Steiner family at the Eggemairhof Steiner in Trentino, South Tyrol, the Eggemoa cheese factory carefully hand makes cheese using courage and innovation to create truly unique cheeses.

The raw ingredients that are used for the cheeses come largely from the Eggemoa farm and woods or from the area close by. The raw milk comes from the cows and goats from the neighbouring farms. The herbs used come from local sources and include unusual touches like fenugreek, juniper, larch needles or fir tree bark.

Eggemoa pays special attention to the rinds of their cheeses. The special rinds are a signature feature of the brand. Take your taste buds on holiday with these speciality cheeses from South Tyrol!