Toddlers & Babies: The Right Nutrients for Healthy Development

Toddlers & Babies: The Right Nutrients for Healthy Development

Everyone will agree that a balanced diet with the right nutrients is essential for the healthy development of young children. But what exactly does “healthy development” mean? Researchers understand this to mean a finely tuned act of managing mobility and stress. Smart snacks play an important role in providing a quick source of energy and are a great help to parents on hectic days.

Interdependent Factors
Nutrition, exercise and stress are important daily experiences that are also thoroughly interconnected. Nutrition plays a very important role as it provides the most basic requirement of all: energy. But the quality of nutrition is very important! Food contains nutrients and the more balanced the nutrition, the better it is. In small children, it is quickly evident if they are getting all that they need for healthy development. Are they active and inquisitive about the world around them? Do they enjoy physical activity? Do they remain calm and relaxed when something unexpected happens or something goes wrong? Do they sleep well? Are they happy more often than they are grumpy? On other hand: Do they tire easily? Do they react with fear to the slightest deviation in their routine? Do they withdraw quickly into a shell? According to several studies across various disciplines including the pioneering field of epigenetics, the maxim "you are what you eat" applies to all of us - adults and children alike.

Optimal Nutrient Supply for the Best Start in Life
The body needs fuel all day long to provide energy for cells to function optimally, for metabolism to work constantly and have enough energy reserves to perform tasks as required. For small children, this means exploring the environment around them, learning new skills and growing physically. Micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements as well as proteins, fats and carbohydrates are vital and should be sourced from high-quality foods without artificial additives.

Baking Mixes & Ready Meals? Provided they are of high quality - YES, of course!

Breakfast marks the start of the day and should be nutritious as well as filling. Since most children are naturally curious and like to try new things, introducing a variety of foods is a great idea. What should you keep in mind? A mix of protein, essential fats, few carbohydrates and lots of micronutrients! A meal that contains such a mix could include yoghurt, flaxseed oil, whole grain oat flakes and seasonal fruits, for example. Another clever idea is to take store-bought whole grain muesli with no added sugar and serve it with warm milk along with fresh fruit and nuts. For young children, porridge mixed with pureed fruit would be a good option. Bake Affair's Organic Strawberry Porridge is a great starting point. Based in Lower Austria, Bake Affair uses only the best ingredients from regional organic cultivation in their family-friendly mixes that are free from added artificial additives. A great tip for breakfast: Organic Chocolate Porridge - great for toddlers as well as older siblings and parents too! Some children prefer to eat later in the day. Smart snacks made from cereal flakes, dried fruit, nuts and seeds are a good choice then. Whip up delicious Strawberry and Coconut Energy Balls with Bake Affair's quick and easy mixes that provide valuable nutrients to children even while they're out and about. Also great as a snack for school or kindergarten.

Snacks: It's smart to think about bedtime in the afternoon already
Toddlers and young children spend all day curiously exploring, learning and playing and need high-energy snacks to keep them going! Afternoons are a time when most children are looking to refuel and recharge their batteries. Keep in mind that snacks eaten at this time should be light because it sets the tone for the rest of the day and will have an effect on bedtime and whether your child gets a good night's sleep. Bake Affair has a variety of baking mixes for quick and easy snacks. How about fresh organic waffles made with buttermilk and ready in minutes with Bake Affair's baking mix? Or would you prefer baking a batch of fruity biscuits with the organic blueberry biscuit baking mix - delicious and the ideal snack for on the go. If your little one prefers something savoury, how about some Organic Spelt Grissini?

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