Zotter Chocolate ERD - Peanut Nougat & Potato Vodka & Strawberry

Selected Pleasures of the Earth

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A very ELEGANT combination is this extraordinary chocolate that does not bear its name for nothing. It is dedicated to the earth, climate and environmental protection and the initiative ERDgespräche (Earth Talks) in Vienna. Its taste is pampered with homemade peanut nougat with brittle, a layer of sweet potatoes and apricot chocolate, as well as a dash of Nørderd potato vodka. This is made from handpicked organic potatoes. The whole thing is held together by a wafer-thin layer of strawberry chocolate and a shell of high-proof milk chocolate.

Certifications: Organic Seal of Approval, EU / non-EU Organic Symbol, Fair
Origin: Austria
Type of Product:: Snacks

Additional Information

Ingredients: raw cane sugar **, cocoa butter **, peanuts *, cocoa mass **, whole milk powder *, sweet potatoes *, potato vodka *, apricots *, skimmed milk powder *, butter *, strawberries *, glucose-invert sugar syrup *, caramel powder * [skim milk * , Whey *, sugar *, butter *], sugar cane brandy *, sweet whey powder *, milk caramel powder * [skimmed milk powder *, sugar *], whole cane sugar **, soy lecithin ***, rock salt, lemon powder * [lemon juice concentrate *, corn starch *, sugar *] , Vanilla bean powder *, cinnamon *, chilli *

* From controlled organic cultivation

** Organic controlled and traded according to Fairtrade standards

*** Emulsifier

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