Spice for Life Organic Long Pepper - Hot Sweety (whole)

Do you like a little chocolate in your pepper?

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The Renaissance of the Long pepper
The long pepper was known in Europe long before today's popular black pepper, but was pushed to the background over the course of history. However, the Long pepper remains an interesting and unique spice.

How do you use the organic Long pepper?
This specific species of organic Long pepper is called "Pippali" and fits very well with cheese and pasta dishes. It has a sweet yet sharp and slightly earthy flavor. It is perfect for use in salads or in wild game dishes.

The organic Long pepper is grown in only a few regions of Southeast Asia as it only grows in the wild. The "Pippali" organic long pepper originates from organic growing conditions in Indonesia. Under the prevailing tropical conditions the rare pepper can be grown sustainably. For Spice for Life, it is important not only to provide you with the best organic spices from organic farming, but to make sure that the natural world and people who are involved in the production are treated with respect and fairness.

Use: Asian Cuisine, For Fish and Seafood, For Vegetables and Salads, Indian Cuisine, For Noodles and Pasta, For Sauces, Suitable for Game
Certifications: Organic Seal of Approval, EU / non-EU Organic Symbol, Certified Organic - Controlled Organic Farming, Sustainably produced
Flavour: Fruity and Spicy, Tangy
Origin: India
Consistency : Natural
Free From: Flavour Enhancers, Artificial Flavours, Artificial Colours, Preservatives


Organic Long pepper

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