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Recheis makes egg pasta for quality-conscious connoisseurs that is ideal for quick, nutritious and delicious meals. As far back as in 1889 when Recheis was founded, Josef Reicher made modern demands on the performance of his pasta factory. 130 years later, the Austrian market leader still adheres to these guidelines at the production site in Hall, Tirol. Innovative technology is used to process carefully selected regional ingredients into aromatic pasta specialities. The range includes a variety of shapes to suit every preference. Nutrition trends and growing environmental awareness have also been addressed by the development of protein-rich pasta varieties, BPA-free packaging and CO2-neutral production.

Recheis Goldmarke is one of the most popular classics. New product lines such Recheis LOW CARB, Recheis Organic or Recheis GLUTEN-FREE - are gaining in popularity too and are great staples to have in the pantry at all times.