Pumpkin Seed Oils for Finishing Meals

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Austria's beloved pumpkin seed oil is pressed in the state of Styria. The unique properties of Styrian oil pumpkins make them ideal for pressing the mild, nutty, viscous and richly green coloured oil.

Pumpkin oil makes a lovely salad oil, as its hearty flavour is a lovely contrast to the freshness of crispy greens. The oil is often used to finish numerous starters, main courses and desserts. Pumpkin seed oil tastes delicious in pumpkin soup, drizzled over mozzarella or even tossed with fresh pasta. For a real treat, try a splash of pumpkin seed oil on vanilla ice cream!

Quality is paramount at Piccantino, so you can be sure that our pumpkin seed oils come in the absolute best quality. We've carefully selected our manufacturers from neighbouring farms and local businesses in Styria, Austria.